Construction litigation
  We represent contractors and subcontractors to obtain payment
for construction services, including delay damages.   We also
represent  a variety of clients in construction projects involving
design defects and defective construction.  The firm handles both
public works and private projects.  In the private sector, our
practice is limited to commercial buildings.  Our attorneys are
experienced in filing stop notices and mechanic's liens.  We also
handle stop notice and mechanic's liens foreclosure actions
against property owners, release bond sureties and payment
bond sureties.
Legal malpractice
Commercial litigation
  We represent clients that have been injured by the acts errors
or omissions of their  former attorney(s) in an underlying lawsuit
or  transaction.  This is called legal malpractice.   We have
represented clients in many different types of legal malpractice
suits involving employment discrimination, commercial litigation,
business transactions, personal injury, construction litigation,
real estate transactions, estate planning, to name just a few.   As
part of  this area of practice, our firm also represents clients that
were wrongfully sued and have a claim of malicious prosecution
against the other party and their attorney.
      We represent clients in a variety of commercial lawsuits
that involve claims for breach of contract, fraud, breach of
fiduciary duty, conversion, and other business torts.  We
represent business entities as well as individuals who serve
as officers, directors, employees  and partners.  
Practice Areas
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